Lists are continuous, vertical indexes of text or images.

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Here we just propose a configuration for two types of list items:

  • Standard with trailing actions
  • Selection with trailing icons (selection indicators)

All items are composed of:

  • Title
  • Subtitle (optional)
  • Leading icon (optional)

The leading icon is :

  • icon or image from resources
  • Image from url. During image loading a placeholder Image is needed. Three kinds of shape are proposed (circular, square or wide).

Standard list item

For standard items, trailing icons can be added. Two types of icons are proposed: - with info button to make an action - with text (no action, only information)

The standard item can be used in a NavigationLink (for example, display more details)

// Create list items models

let itemsModels = [ 
                    ODSListStandardItemModel(title: "Title Only"),
                    ODSListStandardItemModel(title: "Title with subtitle", subtitle: "subtitle"),    
                    ODSListStandardItemModel(title: "Title with leading icon", leadingIcon: .icon(Image(systemName: "heart"))),
                    ODSListStandardItemModel(title: "Title with trailing action", ODSListItemTrailingActions(displayText: "Details")),

// Build the List view using ODSListStandardItemModel.
List {
    ForEach(itemModels, id: \.id) { itemModel in
        NavigationLink {
            Text("The destination view")
        } label: {
            ODSListStandardItem(model: itemModel)

Selection list item

The selection list items can be used to enumerate data as list in order to select elements.

struct YourView: View {
    let models: [ODSListSelectionItemModel]

    init() {
        let iconImage = Image(systemName: "heart")
        models = [
                title: "Title 1",
                subtitle: "Subtitle 1",
                leadingIcon: .icon(iconImage),
                trailingSelection: .checkmark),
                title: "Title 2",
                subtitle: "Subtitle 2",
                trailingSelection: .checkmark)

    var body: some View {
        List {
            ForEach(models, id: \.id) { model in
                ODSListSelectionItem(model: model)

Note: Don’t forget, if item is used in a NavigationLink, a chevron is automatically added by the system. For design purpose it is NOT recommended to add ODSListSelectionItem in a NavigationLink.