Woofer: logging in (best) practice(s)

This projects is a showcase web app that demonstrates both logging best practices (based on our orange-mathoms-logging library), as well as providing a quite advanced Spring Boot-based microservices project sample.

What is Woofer ?

Woofer is meant to be a basic clone of Tweeter.

It allows anyone to create an account, post short messages (aka woofs), subscribe and unsubscribe to other users woofs...

Run it on your computer

You may clone the project from GitHub, then as any Spring Boot application, each Woofer service may be launched on your computer with:

mvn spring-boot:run

You'll then be able to access Woofer's pages on your computer...

You may either create your own account, or use any of the existing accounts (each one having the user password).


Woofer's code is under Apache-2.0 License

Try it !

Notice that even if your app is not in microservices architecture, the Woofer demo has plenty of great stuff to discover !