Getting Started

CassKop uses the standard Cassandra image (tested up to Version 3.11), and can run on Kubernetes 1.13.3+.

As a pre-requisite it needs :

  • kubectl version v1.13.3+.
  • Helm version v3.
  • Access to a Kubernetes v1.13.3+ cluster.
  • Cassandra needs fast local storage (we have tested with local storage provisioner, GKE ssd storage, and Rancher local-path-provisioner). Fast remote storage should work but is not tested yet.

CassKop deployment#

Kubernetes preparation#

First, we need to create a namespace in order to host our operator & cluster (here we call it cassandra)

kubectl create namespace cassandra

Installing CassKop with Helm 3#

You can (should) deploy CassKop using this Helm 3 chart:

First we add the repo:

helm repo add orange-incubator

If you already downloaded the helm chart previously, make sure you are using the latest version of the chart by executing a helm repo update before continuing.

Then install the chart using Helm 3:

helm install casskop orange-incubator/cassandra-operator

You can find more information in the Customizable install with helm.

If you have problem you can see Troubleshooting section

Deploy a Cassandra cluster#

Deploy a ConfigMap#

Before we can deploy our cluster, we need to create a configmap. This configmap will enable us to customize Cassandra's behaviour. More details on this can be found here

But for our example we will use the simple example:

kubectl apply -f config/samples/cassandra-configmap-v1.yaml

Deploy CassandraCluster resource#

Once the operator is deployed inside a Kubernetes cluster, a new API will be accessible, so you'll be able to create, update and delete cassandraclusters.

In order to deploy a new cassandra cluster a specification has to be created. As an example :

kubectl apply -f config/samples/cassandracluster.yaml


We can quickly setup monitoring for our deployed Cassandra nodes using Prometheus operator.

Deploy Prometheus#

You can deploy the CoreOs Prometheus operator on your cluster: You can find example helm value.yaml to configure the Prometheus operator:

kubectl create namespace monitoring
helm install --namespace monitoring prometheus-monitoring stable/prometheus-operator \
--set prometheusOperator.createCustomResource=false \
--set grafana.image.tag=7.0.1 \
--set grafana.plugins="{briangann-gauge-panel,grafana-clock-panel,grafana-piechart-panel,grafana-polystat-panel,savantly-heatmap-panel,vonage-status-panel}"

Add ServiceMonitor for Cassandra#

Then you have to create ServiceMonitor objects to monitor Cassandra nodes and CassKop. You can update this to specify which namespace to monitor (Your namespace need to be listed in the namespaceSelector section.)

kubectl apply -f monitoring/servicemonitor/

Add Grafana dashboard for Cassandra#

You can use our dashboard that monitors both Cassandra nodes and CassKop by running: kubectl apply -f monitoring/dashboards/