Upgrade v1 to v2

Version 2 makes it possible to use Cassandra 3 and 4 using the same bootstrap image. That's why it's recommended to upgrade to version 2.


It's highly recommended that you test this procedure on a testing environment first.

In order to upgrade to version 2 without impacting your users you need to follow those steps.

Collect your ConfigMap parameters#

If you use a ConfigMap, you can't use parameters other than pre_run.sh and post_run.sh Collect all the non default parameters that you use and also the number of tokens. you'll need those when it's time to set the configuration in your CassandraCluster objects.

Uninstall your operator#

You need to uninstall it which won't have any effect on your running cluster other than not allow you to trigger operations, scale it etc...

helm delete casskop

Update the CRDs#

helm does not version CRDs, so you'll need to manually update them (You can get the new CRDs from our git repo).

kubectl apply -f config/crd/bases

Edit your CassandraCluster object#

Now it's time to edit your object and add the cassandra/java configuration from your configmap in there. You also have to update the bootstrap image version to 0.1.9.

kubectl edit cassandraclusters.db.orange.com your-object

Here is an example of what you could have after you've edited it:

apiVersion: db.orange.com/v2
kind: CassandraCluster
name: your-object
nodesPerRacks: 2
cassandraImage: cassandra:3.11.9
bootstrapImage: orangeopensource/cassandra-bootstrap:0.1.9
num_tokens: 256
initial_heap_size: 32M
max_heap_size: 256M
dataCapacity: "1Gi"
deletePVC: true
autoPilot: true
cpu: 100m
memory: 512Mi
- name: dc1
- name: rack1

If you use a version like cassandra:latest, you have to add at the same level a parameter called serverVersion and set it to the version of the configuration you wanna use cause it's used when generating it.

Also you don't have to set the heap and in that case some automatic values will be picked for you.

If you have a doubt on what name to use for a parameter in your cassandra.yaml, you can take a look at https://github.com/datastax/cass-config-definitions/tree/1b7eaf4e50447fc8168c4a6c16d0ed986941edf8/resources/cassandra-yaml/cassandra

Edit your ConfigMap#

Remove all other keys than pre_run.sh and post_run.sh from your file. Of course if you're not using any of those 2 files you can even get rid of this ConfigMap and remove it from your CassandraCluster object.

Install the latest version of the operator#

Now you can install version 2 of the operator by running the usual install command:

helm install casskop orange-incubator/cassandra-operator