CassandraCluster Status

You can request kubernetes Object cassandracluster representing the Cassandra cluster to retrieve information about it's status :

$ kubectl describe cassandracluster cassandra
Cassandra Node Status:
Host Id: ca716bef-dc68-427d-be27-b4eeede1e072
Node Ip:
Host Id: 3528d662-e4a8-4fb6-88f6-3f21056df7ea
Node Ip:
Host Id: a1d1e7fa-8073-408c-94c1-e3678013f90f
Node Ip:
Host Id: 83ea3410-db00-47fe-9051-e9f877ce5e63
Node Ip:
Host Id: 200bf115-5caf-4218-8e84-e804296c5026
Node Ip:
Host Id: 27ee7414-a695-4744-bf39-41db9d23ddb2
Node Ip:
Name: ScaleUp
endTime: 2018-07-12T14:10:28Z
startTime: 2018-07-12T14:09:34Z
status: Done
phase: Running
Name: cleanup
endTime: 2018-07-12T14:07:35Z
- cassandra-demo-dc1-rack1-0
- cassandra-demo-dc1-rack1-1
- cassandra-demo-dc1-rack1-2
startTime: 2018-07-12T14:06:22Z
status: Done
Name: ScaleUp
endTime: 2018-07-12T14:10:58Z
startTime: 2018-07-12T14:10:28Z
status: Done
phase: Running
Name: cleanup
endTime: 2018-07-12T14:08:16Z
- cassandra-demo-dc1-rack2-0
- cassandra-demo-dc1-rack2-1
- cassandra-demo-dc1-rack2-2
startTime: 2018-07-12T14:08:09Z
status: Done
lastClusterAction: ScaleUp
lastClusterActionStatus: Done
phase: Running
- cassandra-demo-dc1-rack1-0.cassandra-demo-dc1-rack1.cassandra-demo.svc.kaas-prod-priv-sph

The CassandraCluster prints out it's whole status.

  • seedlist: it is the Cassandra SEED List used in the Cluster.
  • Phase : it's the global state for the cassandra cluster which can have different values :
    • Initialization, we just launched a new cluster, and waiting for its requested state
    • Running, the cluster is running normally
    • Pending, the number of Nodes requested has changed, waiting for reconciliation
  • lastClusterAction Is the Last Action at the Cluster level
  • lastClusterActionStatus Is the Last Action Status at the Cluster level
  • CassandraNodeStatus: represents a map of (hostId, Ip Node) couple for each Pod in the Cluster
    • ${Cassandra node pod's name}
      • HostId: the cassandra node's hostId
      • IpNode: the cassandra node's ip
  • CassandraRackStatus represents a map of statuses for each of the Cassandra Racks in the Cluster
    • ${Cassandra DC-Rack Name}
      • Cassandra Last Action: it's an action which is ongoing on the Cassandra cluster :
        • Name: name of the Action
          • UpdateConfigMap a new ConfigMap has been submitted to the cluster
          • UpdateDockerImage a new Docker Image has been submitted to the cluster
          • UpdateSeedList a new SeedList must be deployed on the cluster
          • UpdateResources CassKop must apply new resources values for it's statefulsets
          • RollingRestart CassKop performs a rollingrestart on the target statefulset
          • ScaleUp a scale Up has been requested
          • ScaleDown a scale Down has been requested.
          • UpdateStatefulset a change has been submitted to the statefulset, but CassKop doesn't know exactly which one.
        • Status: status of the Action
          • Configuring: Only used for UpdateSeedList, we need to synchronise all statefulset with this operation before starting it
          • ToDo: an action is scheduled
          • Ongoing: an action is ongoing, see Start Time
          • Continue: the action may be continuing (used for ScaleDown)
          • Done: the action is Done, see End Time
        • Start Time: time of start of the operation
        • End Time: time of end of the operation
      • Pod Last Operation: it's an operation done at Pod Level
        • Name: Name of the Operation
          • decommissioning: a nodetool decommissioning must be performed on a pod
          • cleanup: a nodetool cleanup must be performed on a pod
          • rebuild: a nodetool rebuild must be performed on a pod
          • upgradesstables: a nodetool upgradesstables must be performed on a pod
        • Status:
          • Manual: an operation is recommended to be scheduled by a human
          • ToDo: an operation is scheduled
          • Ongoing: an operation is ongoing, see start time
          • Done: an operation is done, see end time
        • Pods: list of Pods on which the operation is ongoing
        • PodsOK: list of Pods on which the operation is done
        • PodsKO: list of Pods on which the operation has not been completed correctly
        • Start Time: time of start for an operation
        • End Time: time of end for an operation

When Status=Done for each Rack, then there is no specific action ongoing on the cluster and the lastClusterActionStatus will turn also to Done.