Progress indicator

Progress indicators show users that elements or pages are loading

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Progress indicators show users that elements or pages are loading.

Progress bars

Progres bar is used to display determinate operations. It display the indicator increasing in width from 0 to 100% of the track, in sync with the process’s progress.

To display the indicator as progress bar with a specific color use the tint.

We recommend to use the theme for that using the accent color as shown in following exemple.

ProgressView("Downloading...", value: value, total: 100)

It is possible to display the current value to provide more context.

ProgressView(value: value, total: 100) {
} currentValueLabel: {
    let percent = String(format: "%0.2f", value)
    Text("\(percent) %").frame(maxWidth: .infinity, alignment: .trailing)

Activity indicators

Activity indicator is used to display Indeterminate operations. It spins while a task is performed.


An additional label can be added to provide more context.

ProgressView {