Text fields and text editor

Text fields and text editor let users enter and edit text.

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For all variants, we provide the odsTextFieldStyle view modifier to apply font, collors (background, tint) provided by the theme.

Text field

A control that displays an editable text interface.

TextField("A text field", text: $textToEdit)

### Secure text field

Use a SecureField when you want behavior similar to a TextField, but you don’t want the user’s text to be visible. Typically, you use this for entering passwords and other sensitive information.

SecureField("Secure text", text: $textToEdit)

Text editor

A text editor view allows you to display and edit multiline, scrollable text in your app’s user interface.

TextEditor(text: $textToEdit)

Text selection

Text selection is available when text field or text editor is entering in edition mode. This is not a custom component but just a way to apply right style (customize with colors, font provided by theme).