Empty states

An empty state can occur when no content or data is available to display in the UI. Avoid displaying completely empty screens.

An empty state display should inform the user of what is happening, why it’s happening and what to do about it.

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Please follow accessibility criteria for development.

The ODS Empty states module is built to support accessibility criteria and is readable by most screen readers, such as VoiceOver.


Empty state light Empty state dark


To integrate an ODS Empty state into your app, you can use ODSEmptyStateView as shown below:

    title: Text("No result"),
    text: Text("Try a new search"),
    image: Image("il_emptyStateNoData"),
    button: Button("Search") {
        // Do something

ODSEmptyStateView API

Parameter Default value Description
title: Text   The title of the screen displayed below the image. For example “File is missing”.
text: Text? null Text displayed below the title
image: Image Image("il_emptyStateUserCleared", bundle: Bundle.ods) Image displayed centered in the composable
button: Button<Text>? null The button to add below the text